An Ode to the Digital Era

4 October 2020 – Cinnamon Bay  Boom. It was like an overnight sensation. The digital world slowly being tamed by our fingertips, dripping information one article, one webpage, one video call at a time. People can now communicate with the other side of the globe in mere seconds, quicker than sound, almost as fast asContinue reading “An Ode to the Digital Era”

Travelling with a Brown Complexion and a British Accent

23 August 2020 – Cinnamon Bay  It’s the heart of summer. The air is warm and it seeps into your bones – the season of heat has reached its peak. In dawn’s early light, you board a plane, taking you to your dream destination, where the air seems hotter, more dense and you leave behindContinue reading “Travelling with a Brown Complexion and a British Accent”